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Looking for affordable and reliable childcare during the holidays can be a daunting task, leaving many parents feeling stressed and overwhelmed. But fear not, because at Jump Starters TC, we have the perfect solution for you and your little ones!

Our affordable and high-quality childcare services have been a hit with families everywhere, and we’re thrilled to announce that our Bouncing Into Excellence February Half Term Camp will be taking places this February. Packed with fun activities and led by our experienced and dedicated team, your child is sure to have a blast while learning and growing in a safe and nurturing environment.

Best of all, our camp is offered at the same fantastic low prices that have made us a popular choice for families on a budget. So why stress over finding the perfect childcare when you can trust Jump Starters TC to provide everything you need? Join us for a truly unforgettable holiday experience that your child will cherish for years to come!

Venue Details: Harlesden Primary School,
Acton Lane, NW10 8UT


Week 1 : 29th July to 2nd August
Week 2 : 5th August to 9th August
Week 3 : 12th July to 16th August
Week 4 : 19th July to 23rd August

Time: 8:00am – 5:30pm

Age Group: 4 – 14

Ofsted Registration Number: 2602999

Jump Starters Camp

Typical Schedule of the Week

At Jump Starters, we are committed to providing a fun-filled and great learning experience for all of our students. To ensure that every child receives the attention they need, we have organised our camps into four – five groups of 30, categorised by year group. Each group will be assigned a dedicated sports leader who will guide them through each activity throughout the day, ensuring that they have the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Our students will have plenty of time to relax and recharge with two 45-minute breaks and an hour-long lunch break. During these breaks, they can socialise with their peers, play games, or simply rest and recharge for the next activity.

Throughout the day, students will participate in six 50-minute sessions, each designed to challenge and engage them in a variety of Sports, Learning and Creative activities. Our experienced sports leaders will provide guidance and instruction, helping students to develop new skills and improve their confidence.

At Jump Starters, we believe that learning should be fun, and we strive to create an environment that encourages children to explore, grow, and have fun. Join us for a summer of adventure and discovery, and give your child a fun-filled and great learning experience that they will never forget.


Lunch & Kit

At Jump Starters, we want to ensure that every child has the fuel they need to stay energised and focused throughout the day. That’s why we require all children to bring a packed lunch and sufficient snacks to keep them going. Please note Lunch can be purchased via Active. Please see our Lunch menu below.

To ensure that everyone is dressed appropriately for our camps, we require all children to wear sportswear, including trainers, black jogging bottoms, or black leggings. And to help create a sense of community and unity among our campers, we ask that everyone wear a Jump Starters T-shirt daily. These shirts are available for purchase from our online store, making it easy to get everything your child needs for a great day at camp.

Please ensure your Childs items are labelled clearly with their name and group.

At Jump Starters, we believe that the little things can make a big difference, and we are committed to ensuring that every child has everything they need to succeed. Join us for a holiday of fun, friendship, and adventure, and give your child an experience they will never forget.

Summer Camp Info

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Summer Camp at Jump Starters TC, and we can’t wait to make it an unforgettable experience for your children!

🗓️ Camp Dates:

Week 1 : 29th July to 2nd August
Week 2 : 5th August to 9th August
Week 3 : 12th July to 16th August
Week 4 : 19th July to 23rd August

🌟 Exciting activities throughout the 5 days each week

🌟 Amazing offsite trips timetable

🌟 Hot lunch provided

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enrol your child for fun, learning, and adventure. We have limited spaces available, and early bird registration closes soon. To secure your child’s spot, please visit the link below.

Trips info

At Jump Starters, our commitment to holistic child development extends beyond the campgrounds. We believe in enriching young minds through immersive offsite trips that go beyond the ordinary Scheduled during each camp.

So far, we regularly enjoy outings to the following venues:-

Flip Out Brent Cross
Babylon Park
Cinema (Vue Westfield)
All-star lanes Bowling
Puttshack indoor golfing
Immersive Gamebox
Flippers roller discs
Gootopia Wandsworth
Laser Planet
and more.

Theses outings serve as catalysts for growth and exploration.

Designed to align with our camp days, these offsite adventures provide unique opportunities for children to learn, bond, and create lasting memories. We understand that these experiences contribute significantly to their development, fostering independence, social skills, and a lifelong love for discovery."

Camp day offsite timetable.

Tuesdays, Thursdays (for 4-day camp week).

Please take a look at all of the amazing offsite trips we enjoy all year round.

Museums and Galleries

We believe in the importance of enriching children's young minds and opening them up to the wonders of history, art, and culture. Fortunately, our doorstep is adorned with numerous museums and historical sites, providing us with a wealth of enriching experiences. Below are some of the noteworthy places we have visited so far, each contributing to the tapestry of knowledge woven for the benefit of the next generation.

Science Museum
National History Museum
Kew Gardens
Somerset house
Coming Soon
Tate Modern
Postal Museum
Tower of London
London Transport Museum
Imperial War Museum

Parks and attractions

At jump Starters we love visiting London's fantastic parks and children’s attractions. We believe it is vital for children’s development to indulge in nature and learn new things about the community and world around them, as well as socialising in unfamiliar environments!

Physical play also benefits children’s health, they can breathe in fresh air and exercise and have a better understanding of nature's element.

Below are some of the park’s & attractions we enjoy visiting.

Kew Gardens
ZSL London Zoo
Sea Life London
Zippo’s circus Hyde park
The Royal Parks (Hyde Park, Princess Diana Gardens, Kensington Gardens, Regent’s Park Primrose Hill Park)

Adventure trips

We believe in the transformative power of adventure, recognising its profound impact on personal growth and development. Our curated adventure trips, including thrilling activities such as:-

horse riding,
Indoor skydiving (iFLY)
Gripped London,
indoor rock climbing,
And much more

We aim to install a sense of resilience, teamwork, and a spirit of exploration in individuals. These experiences go beyond the thrill of the moment; they cultivate life skills, foster self-confidence, and create enduring memories that shape character and enhance the quality of life."

Theatre trips

We recognise the immense value of enriching young minds through the captivating world of theatre. Our foray into theatre trips, with productions like Wicked and Frozen already under our belt, is driven by a commitment to unlocking creativity and broadening horizons for our young learners.

Beyond the magic of the stage, these experiences stimulate imagination, enhance communication skills, and foster a love for the arts. As we eagerly look ahead, our dedication remains unwavering – to expose our children to a spectrum of theatrical wonders that ignite their curiosity and nurture a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts."

Cooking, Arts & Crafts

At our camp, we understand that the richness of a child's experience extends beyond the realm of sports and active play. Embracing a holistic approach to development, we place great importance on our culinary and arts and craft sessions. These creative endeavours are not just fun pastimes; they are integral components in nurturing well-rounded individuals. From themed cooking adventures to hands-on arts and crafts aligned with our camp's themes, these activities inspire creativity, build fine motor skills, and install a sense of accomplishment. We believe that the joy found in crafting and cooking is as vital to a child's growth as any physical activity, fostering a love for creativity that lasts a lifetime.

Back2school Boosters

At Jump Starters, we are passionate about continuity in education, and that's why we introduce our Back2school Boosters. This dedicated session in our timetable is crafted to keep children on track with their current school year, emphasising both literacy and numeracy skills. We acknowledge that extended school holidays can sometimes lead to concerns about potential learning gaps. With Back2school Boosters, parents can be assured that their children not only enjoy their time at camp but also receive focused educational support, ensuring a seamless transition back to school. We believe in fostering a love for learning that endures beyond the classroom, providing a solid foundation for academic success.

Hot lunch

We understand the importance of nourishing both body and mind. Our commitment to excellence extends to the hot lunches served during our summer, Christmas, and Easter camps. With a skilled culinary team dedicated to preparing hot meals from scratch daily, using only the freshest ingredients, we ensure that each bite is a delightful experience. Our menus are thoughtfully crafted with children and their discerning taste buds in mind, offering a variety of wholesome and delicious options. Providing more than just a meal, we aim to fuel the energy and enthusiasm of our campers, making every lunchtime a moment of enjoyment and replenishment.

Summer Camp 2024 -
Week 1 :  29th July to 2nd August

Week 2 : 5th August to 9th August

Week 3 : 12th July to 16th August

Week 4 : 19th July to 23rd August

  Book NOW for early bird discount !!

Summer Camp 2024 -
Week 1 : 29th July to 2nd August
Week 2 : 5th August to 9th August
Week 3 : 12th July to 16th August
Week 4 : 19th July to 23rd August

Book NOW for early bird discount !!